B-Fit Cleanse


Products Functions:

Cleanses bowel, detoxifies the body and prevents constipation

Increases proliferation of Lactobacillus etc

Replenishes nutrients needed by beneficial bacteria

Purifies blood, activates cells

Inhibits synthesis of fat

Burns excess fat

Balances hormones

Enhances metabolism

Boosts immune system

Prevents various modern diseases


Suggested Use:

1 - 2 sachets daily, drink before breakfast with empty stomach or before sleep.


20 sachets x 12 grams.


B-Fit Cleanse utilizes natural and effective body cleansing formulation which can clean your bowel and ease defecation within just 8 hours! Fructo-oligosaccharide, in combination with fruit fibers, natural probiotics, spirulina and oat bran, completely remove faecal stasis within intestinal tract as well as eliminating free radicals in the blood, reduce tummy and skin-enhancing effect.




It is able to increase faecal bulk and provides food for beneficial bacteria which proliferate and produces holes within fibers to soften faeces. It even can slow down absorption of cholesterol and glucose in the intestinal tract, thus helping normalization of cholesterol and blood glucose levels.


Natural probiotics

It is able to inhibit proliferation of pathogens within intestinal tract, enhance body’s immunity, increase activity of antibodies, improve digestive ability of intestinal tract, increase absorption of calcium and effectively inhibit synthesis of cholesterol as well as break down carcinogenic substances.



It is a kind of nutrient-rich tiny aquatic plant. It is the most excellent food with complete nutrient as it provides protein, vitamins, chlorophyll, B-carotene, minerals and etc to meet daily requirement of the body. It can enhance physical strength and endurance, promote hormonal balance, neutralize acidic physique, prevent modern diseases and etc.


Aloe Vera

According to modern medical researches and records or literature of herbal medicine, it is able to activate gastrointestinal function, expel heat and protect liver, promote detoxifying function of liver, prevent skin allergy, and even can increase immunity of the body.



Fructo-oligosaccharide extracted from plants is a kind of complex saccharide, it can reach the intestines directly to be digested by good bacteria, thus promoting increase in number of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacillus to get rid of bad bacteria.


Food Safety and Quality Division


Health Certificate


ISO 22000:2005